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Fitness & Wellness Events


7-days a week
Monday-Friday from 6:00am-9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday from 6:00am-8:00pm

Fitness Center at 818.345.6520 ext. 4709


GUIDELINES: We want to remind everyone that safety should remain at the forefront of everyone's minds. The reopening of many activities has been a great thing for the club and its Members, but it also does not mean there is no longer a level of inherent risk to the spread of Covid-19. Everyone is still asked to MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING at all times and WEAR MASKS AS REQUIRED when entering or leaving the Club, during check in, on the pool deck, and can only be removed while in the pool or while working with 8-ft or more distance. In all other cases in and around the club, masks are to be worn. This includes locker rooms and restrooms, in the pool area, and when checking in or interacting with staff for any service we offer. A minimum of 8 ft of distance between people should be maintained at all times. No congregating or gathering is permitted. Hand sanitizer should be used prior entering and exiting the facility. Bringing your own towels, water and water bottles is strongly recommended. Furniture should only be moved with the help of a staff member. We greatly appreciate everyone's continued support and cooperation. 

RESERVATIONS: Reservations are required for all club amenities. To allow all members an opportunity to use the Fitness Center & Pool amenities in a safe manner, each reservation time slot is limited to 1-hour for the Fitness Center & lap swimming and 2-hours for recreational swimming. Upon arrival, please do not congregate outside of the main gate or at the Fitness Center check-in desk. At all times, please use social distancing practices by maintaining at least 6 feet apart. Reservations can be made by logging into your Member account at or on the ClubLife App (download to your device from the App Store). You can also contact the Fitness Center at 818.345.6520 ext. 4709.

CHARGE FOR NO SHOW RESERVATIONS: Due to the high demand for pool reservations and frequent no shows, we will begin to charge a $10/pp no show fee to your Member account. Repeat offenders will have pool reservation privileges suspended. If you are not able to make your reservation time slot, please cancel using the ClubLife App, or by calling the Fitness Center at 818.345.6520 ext. 4709.

CHECK-INEveryone must always wear a mask or cloth face covering, while at the gym, when entering, working out, or leaving the gym and during check in. Gym access will be Members only, and guests will only be permitted in attendance with a Member and will be charged the applicable guest fees. All visits will require a symptom check (cough, shortness of breath, body aches, chills, etc) including a temperature check (below 100 degrees). Hand Sanitizer should be used prior entering and exiting the facility. No congregating or gathering is permitted.

OUTDOOR FITNESS CENTER: With the completion of the pool deck resurfacing in August 2020, we are happy to offer outdoor fitness machines, equipment, and weights which are spaced out to allow for proper social distancing.

PERSONAL TRAINING & FITNESS CLASSESWe are happy to offer daily Personal training and fitness classes taught outside, weather permitting. We have also reintroduced our Braemar Yoga Series classes including Candlelight Yoga, Sunset Yoga, and Yoga & Mimosas. As we ramp up these services, you can make your reservations on the ClubLife app, or just visit/call the Fitness Center at 818.345.6520 ext. 4709. Click here for more details and to view the current FTINESS CLASS CALENDAR. Contact the Fitness Center to schedule your personal training session.

MASSAGE THERAPY: We are now offering Massage Therapy services with our in-house massage therapist Kathleen Madelon (CMT #3048) available for indoor or outdoor massages by reservation only. Services offered include Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Stretching & Sports Massage. Price: $90 for 60-minutes and $120 for 90-minutes.

LOCKER ROOMS: The Locker Rooms will be open for use. The steam room in the Men's Locker Room cannot be used until further notice from the County, unfortunately.

WORKOUT TIME: Members are required to use a sanitizing wipe to disinfect individual exercise equipment, mats, and machine before and after use. A minimum of 8-ft of distance between people should be always maintained. Bringing your own towels, water bottles, face coverings, and gloves is strongly recommended as our supplies are limited. Workouts will be limited to 1- hour to allow for use by other Members.

BASKETBALL COURTS: Basketball courts are reserved for individuals who live in the same household. As such, guests are not permitted to accompany Members at this time. The gate will remain locked at all times. While walk-ins are welcome, all Members must check-in at the Fitness Center and have an employee partner unlock the gate. As a reminder, a face covering must be worn at all times, (except when in the act of golfing, playing tennis or basketball, swimming, eating &/or drinking).

POOL GUIDELINES: Everyone must always wear a mask or cloth face covering, except when in the water. All pool use will be rec & lap swimming, and by reservation only for now. Pool access will be Members only, and guests will not be permitted until further notice. Bringing your own towels is strongly recommended. Bringing your own water and water bottles is recommended. Furniture should only be moved with the help of a staff member.

LAP & RECREATIONAL SWIMMING: Lap & Rec swimming is available daily by reservation only.  

POOL CLASSES AND SWIM LESSONS: We offer swim lessons on Mondays (1pm-6pm) Fridays (12pm-6pm) and Saturdays (9am-5pm). Schedule and costs vary. Please see the rate sheet on the back of the flyer or at under amenities > Swimming ( To sign-up please contact Karin Jackson at 818.900.3319 || [email protected] We also offer Aqua Flex' n Stretch, this class is a combination of strength training cardio, yoga & Pilates. Classes will be weekly on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday from 11:00am-12:00pm. Costs: Members are $20/per class || $150 (8) class packages. Non-Members are $30/ per class || $230 (8) class packages. All packages expire after 2-months. To sign-up contact Deborah Goldberger @ 818.383.4400 || [email protected] to sign.

LIFEGUARDS: Due to the restricted use of the pool, lifeguards will not be on duty for now. As is always the case, parents are responsible for the safety of their dependents and guests under the age of 16. We will, however, have someone dedicated to ensuring guidelines are followed and that cleanliness and sterilization is maintained, as required.