Wednesday Night Women's League

Event Date:

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Registration:  There will be 3,4 or 5 ladies on a team each team has 1 captain. Entry Fee - $50 per person.  Billed to your account (prizes in pro shop credit)
Sign up DEADLINE April 14th
Eligibility: Open to all female golf members with USGA Handicap (18 max per 9 Holes)
League Format:
   Up to 8 Teams (each team member must play at least two of the matches)
    Two players from each team play each week (one may play vs two if necessary)
    If a team defaults, the other team wins.
    Matches begin Wednesday, April 28th, and will continue weekly for a total of 14 matches, plus 2 playoff matches. 
    Top 4 teams advance based on record. 
    Tiebreaker is head to head, then last match, next match, etc.
    Captain will submit each week's players on the tee sheet no later than 2 pm that day earlier if possible.
    Matches can be played anytime that day, but should begin no later than 6:00pm.
    Matches are official if 5 holes are played.
    Better ball of partners (90%) off of low handicap.  Max handicap is 18 for 9 holes.
    The Pro Shop governs all final decisions on rulings.

Prize Pool: (payouts are in proshop credit)
Playoff Payouts: 
Semi Finals Losers:  tbd   
Finals Runner Up:  tbd
Overall Winners:  tbd