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Paul Wilson Golf School

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Paul Wilson Golf School at Bear's Best Las Vegas

Are you thinking about attending a golf school? If so, please consider the Paul Wilson Golf School at Bear's Best Las Vegas. Not only will you learn a great full swing and short game but you will also finally understand exactly how the golf swing works and exactly what you should be working on. Finally end your frustration and learn how to play the best golf of your life!

Below are the programs that will be offered at the Paul Wilson Golf School at Bear's Best Las Vegas:

Three Day School

This is the best option for people who are in Las Vegas for an extended period of time and would like to attend an intensive school to work on both their full swing and short game.

Two Day School

The Two Day School is perfect if you only have a little less time in Las Vegas but would still like to work on both the full swing and the short game.

One Day Full Swing Day School

The One Day Full Swing Day School is great if you have limited time or if you only have one day for golf while you're in Las Vegas. By the time you are finished with this school you will know exactly what you're doing wrong and what you need to work on to take you game to the next level.

One Day Short Game Day School

Reduce your scores by working on your pitching, greenside bunkers, chipping and putting in this 1 day short game school.

Custom Schools

Do you have your own group of three or more people? If so, you can create a school just for your group. This is a great option for small groups, bachelor parties etc.

Playing Lessons

A playing lesson is designed to teach you proper course management, answer your questions and help eliminate any doubts you may have about your game when you play. If you've never had a playing lesson you don't know what you're missing.

Half Day Private Lesson (4 hours)

If you find yourself with limited time or only one day for golf while you are in Las Vegas the half day private lesson is for you. With the half day lesson you will have enough time to do extensive work with Paul Wilson on different areas of your full swing or short game.

Full Day Private Lesson (8 hours)

If you are looking for the ultimate golf lesson this is it. Work one-on-one with Paul Wilson on any area of your full swing or short game in a private setting.