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Be in four places at once 
No need to leave town or fly 
Reduce travel cost by up to 75% *
* Source : CIPS  

Who uses VideoConferencing?

Advertising Agencies  - Present proposals from city to city

Recruitment Agencies - Record interviews with candidates worldwide

Law Firms - Perform and record depositions

Pharmaceutical Companies - Product launches and seminars

Multinational Companies - International Board Meetings

What is VideoConferencing?
Video conferencing in its most basic form is the transmission of image and speech back and forth between two or more physically separate locations. This is accomplished through the use of cameras, video displays, and sound equipment.

Why Use VideoConferencing?
Facilitating attendance at meetings is one of the simplest yet most popular uses of video conferencing.

For meetings that already regularly take place and require face-to-face communication, video conferencing can be a substitute for the actual physical presence of remote participants. This reduces travel costs as well as travel time and makes meeting attendance more convenient. It can also make meetings more likely to occur.

What are Other VideoConference Uses?
Telecommuting is a fast growing trend in many large urban areas, as companies and employees realize the many benefits to be gained by this. Video conferencing can provide a natural, productivity-enhancing improvement to telecommuting and can bridge the gap between employees who are at home and those in the office.